We Are the Experts (this is all we do, all day, every day). Pidplates USA Inc. was founded on the principle to manufacture eye-catching, one of a kind high-quality 3D Custom Metal Decals, custom car lettering, custom auto badges, billets, and decals.
           Used as an innovative promotional tool for branding and promotion on countless different products and materials. Used most often on including but not limited to, vehicles, trucks, RV’s, boats, yachts, industrial – medical equipment, electronics, tools, building materials, high-end graphics such custom lettering, custom emblems, and custom logos.
               Custom metal decals should be simple to order, easy to apply, and stand out as unique marketing, branding, and promotional tools. 
               We hold the highest standards for material quality, durability, and design creativity and last but not least for our customer service. We offer no less than 7 different products / materials. Such as 3D PIDPLATES Logo (injection molded chrome plates ABS), 3D PIDFLEX (flexible plastic composite), 3D PIDALU (aluminium), 3D PIDCHROME (nickel/copper), 3D PIDPLAST (epoxy doming), 3D PIDZINC Ally (zinc alloy) and 3D PIDSTAINLESS Steel (stainless steel). 
             This product range enables us to meet most branding and marketing needs when it come to metal and chrome emblems.  Because we work closely with our clients (one account manager / one point of contact), we can meet and exceed expectations by offering quality products and services at affordable prices with the fastest turnarounds in our industry, without overpromising. We take pride in our workmanship to ensure complete client satisfaction.
           When it comes to unique ideas and strategies, our production and graphics departments if needed adapt our product lines to the various requirements.
                Upon request we gladly assist in supplying generic product samples of our custom car emblems, custom metal badges, custom metal decals or custom metal logos for testing purposes.
                As you will see customizing your project with a custom-made 3D metal and chrome emblems is simpler and easier than you might think. So, if you are looking to improve your branding, marketing and promotion why not request your free quote and 3D mock-up file today and see for yourself what your custom metal logo, badge or decal will look like once produced?
               For your own custom chrome lettering, custom auto emblems, custom auto badges or custom metal badges and many more, contact us today or email at our Redondo Beach, California office: info@pidplates.com or call us at (888)
686-9332 / (888.68MY DECAL).
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With your free quote you will receive a free 3D mock up file. Upon request we will send you free generic 3D  product samples, so you can get a good understanding of the look, feel and quality or our products.