3D PIDPLAST – Custom plastic Emblems, Logos, Decals

Domed Labels

3D Pidplast is Custom 3D Emblems, Logos, Decals & Badges made of Plastic by Pidplates. Our “self-healing” clear polyurethane epoxy resin domed decals & Emblems are Ultra Violet resistant and also, chemical &  impact resistant.

FEATURES OD 3D Plastic Emblems:

  • Your artwork, your design
  • 3D doming nameplate labels
  • 7 year warranty
  • In-, outdoor & marine use
  • Badge, free standing
  • Matte, gloss silver , all pantone colors
  • Extremely durable 
  • Integrated RFID option


Technical Specifications

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3D Custom Plastic Logos & badges are custom made to your design. They will not yellow and will not be damaged by sunlight. A strong layer of polyurethane protects the printed image from scratching, fading, peeling .
And they are not  affected by any type of environment. Both scripted and contoured domes are available. Almost any size and shape emblem, logo, badge, sticker, decal or lettering can be domed allowing for a wide range of visual possibilities. Flat or pre-curved and all Pantone colors are offered.
Your brand will stand out with 3D Custom Plastic  domed labels which are also water and rust proof. As with all our other product types (unless requested otherwise), our domed emblems come with self-adhesive for a simple and quick easy peel and stick application.
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