3D PIDALU – Custom aluminum Emblems, Logos & Badges

Elegance & durability

3D PIDALU (aluminum) custom made emblems, logos & badges is another product type offered by PIDPLATES USA Inc. made to your specific requirements such as design, size, color, finish and quantity. As all other PIDPLATES products, 3D Aluminum Logos & Emblems are stylish, strong, durable and come in a several different thicknesses to best meet your application requirements.  Embossed or printed in any color or in a combination of both, 3D PIDALU products will Elevate Your Brand. 

FEATURES of 3D Aluminum Logos:

  • Available as badge, emblem or decal
  • Your artwork, your design. Many shapes.
  • Adhesive selected based upon your specific application
  • Choose your finish: matte, shiny, textured, brushed, anodized.
  • Choose your color: any Pantone color.
  • Choose flat or pre-curved, embossed, recessed or printed.
  • Warranty 7 years. Durable. Hot and cold resistant.
  • Meets industry standards.
  • Minimum quantity: 250 or 500 units depending on size.


Technical Specifications

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  3D Aluminum badges can be used for in- and/or outdoor applications. High end branding and promotion using PIDPLATES products present a wide range of utilizations for service and production industries such as: electronics, automotive, medical, agriculture, transport, construction, music, food, appliances, manufacturing, and marine industries.  Made to your exact specifications including finish type. Shiny, matte, brushed, textured, anodized in chrome, black, white or any Pantone color, flat or pre-curved. One of our many different name brand adhesives will warrant permanent adhesion to further improve product quality.
      3D Aluminum quality and eye catching emblems make the perfect marketing, branding and promotional tool for any product or service.  Thanks to the many different options available such style, shape, look, and finish,   3D  Aluminum custom  logos, Emblems, badges and decals  will always make the perfect fit.
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