Custom 3D Emblems for Business & Industrial Equipment

why custom 3d emblems?

custom 3D emblems for your business products and industrial equipment  will increase your brand value. 
We all can agree that the quality of a product, its look as well as its packaging plays a major role in branding of most Business products that we see and buy today. Not just in the expected B to C markets, but also in the ever rapidly growing  B to B markets.

Custom logos & emblems increase brand value

Adding a 3D chrome custom made emblem, badge, decal or lettering to your business products, industrial & Electronic equipment or appliances will increase the value of the product and its brand. 
There are many options to choose from in addition to just chrome, such as a brushed, matte or glossy finish. The selection of any pantone color further ensures that any business/corporate branding strategy will proof its value quickly and undeniably.

3D decals & badges can withstand extreme heat & cold

The many different types of adhesives available today will give the customer multiple options in selecting the correct adhesive for the custom 3D emblem or badge. Is the emblem or decal used in an industrial environment, outdoor or indoor environment, in extreme heat or cold? On a powder coated surface or perhaps on a fabric where an HMA (Hot Melt Adhesive) would be needed, each has its own adhesive type that will guarantee many years (7- or 10-year standard warranty) of high-quality adhesion and product quality.

nicely fit many different surface types, curves and angles

Not just for flat and straight surfaces anymore, todays 3D custom logos & decals can also be pre-shaped / curved (convex) to nicely fit many different surface types, curves and angles.
In addition to the shape and color of custom made 3D emblems, logos, badges, decals or letters, technical advancements will now also let customers select (if emblem size allows) to have the emblem so called “free standing”.

 Easy peel & stick

 In “free standing”, all letters and/or symbols are not connected and are being held into place by a clear transfer film that keeps the characters spaced and aligned for the so called “easy peel and stick” application. However, also still popular are the custom-made badges (one piece on which particular letters and symbols are embossed, debossed or printed) in different colors, backgrounds or finishes.

 Available in low quantities to suit small & medium businesses

Recently technical innovations have allowed for 3D custom made emblems & badges to be available for smaller & medium size businesses, and industrial equipment/products  in lower quantities starting at 50 units (depending on product type), compared to much higher minimum quantities just a few years ago. Today 3D custom made decals & logos are also more affordable where producers, distributors and manufacturers with significant purchasing power could afford the thousands of units or more required.
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