3D PIDCHROME – Custom Chrome Emblems, Logos & Decals

Small & highly detailed

Pidchrome is 3D Custom  Chrome  Emblems, Decals, Badges & Logos  by Pidplates. Our heavy duty waterproof custom made thin and highly defined metal electroforming / etching foil, sticker, logo, emblem, decal or lettering made from nickel or from a nickel/copper combination is especially developed for very small applications where high end branding and promotion is required. Precise lettering and symbols will be accurately translated.

Features of 3D Chrome emblems & Logos:

  • 3D metal logos, emblems & lettering
  • Your artwork, your design
  • Small, thin & high-precision
  • Chrome, matte, all pantone colors
  • Heavy duty
  • No tool or mold required
  • Available in small quantity

Technical Specifications

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 3D Custom Chrome Badges & Decals are available as free standing in matte or glossy finishes in chrome, gold and all Pantone colors. Custom made to your design, our custom CHROME Emblems & Decals come with the highest quality 3M adhesive. Our CHROME Badges & Logos do not require a tool or mold. Keeping cost to a minimum. 
3D Chrome emblems & Logos are used in many different industries such as automotive, professional audio, electronics, music, IT, equipment, medical, cell phone accessory, decoration, musical instruments and many others.
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With your free quote you will receive a free 3D mock up file. Upon request we will send you free generic 3D  product samples, so you can get a good understanding of the look, feel and quality or our products.